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The Meaning of Membership

Your membership with BPW Greater Sudbury opens the door to local networking, friendship, support and personal development. We offer monthly events and meetings that introduce you to community leaders, give you a chance to meet women who share the same priorities and challenges as you, and offer a good reason to wind-down and enjoy the company of many inspirational women.

Our membership model revolves around four key areas of activity, including:

  • Awareness, advocacy and action

  • Leadership skills and career advancement

  • Personal development

  • Supportive networking and lasting friendships

Top 5 Reasons to be a Member

  • Friendship

  • Networking

  • Professional and Personal skills development

  • Support and understanding

  • Fun

How To Apply

There are Three Simple steps to becoming a BPW Greater Sudbury Member.

  1. Complete the online application form below

  2. We will review your application and contact you

  3. Sign the Code of Conduct Agreement and Provide Payment

You can pay for your membership using paypal. The cost is: $220.00

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