BPW Greater Sudbury Constitution and By-Laws

Updated April 2016

  1. Name
    1. The name of this organization shall be “Business & Professional Women’s Club Greater Sudbury,” and as such, shall be a member club of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW Canada). BPW Greater Sudbury is the approved short name.
  2. Objectives
    1. To improve the status of women in the business and professional world, locally, nationally and internationally.
    2. To discover and develop those qualities in the members which will enable them to take their full share in public life.
    3. To provide a non-partisan, non-sectarian basis for co-operation.
    4. To promote the Purposes and Objectives of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs and to co-operate in its projects and activities.
    5. To promote and encourage women to pursue and engage in business ownership, professional and technical careers.
    6. To facilitate the provision of training and development for members to aspire to Executive positions within the Club.
  3. Amendments  
    1. By-laws may be made, amended or repealed at the Annual General Meeting or any monthly or special meeting of members by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the paid-up members present provided that Notice of Motion has been sent to all members no less than seven working days before the meeting.
  4. Procedure
    1. The Constitution, By-laws and Regulations of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs shall have precedence over any clauses in these By-laws (where there appears to be a conflict.
    2. For the conduct of meetings, Bourinot’s Rules of Order shall be used. However, for the purpose of quorum, one third of the total paid members shall apply.   (Reversed order – 1st BPW SUDBURY, 2nd BPW CANADA, 3rd Bourinot’s Rules of Order)
  5. Membership
    1. Membership in this club shall be inclusive of, but not limited to, women in the professions, business, self-employment, and trades.
    2. There shall be five membership categories in the Club, namely Active, Associate, Honorary, Student and Life-Time member.
      1. Active member shall be one who is, or was, at the time of acceptance into membership in this category, engaged in remunerative occupation. Active membership shall continue for two (2) years after cessation of remunerative employment; after this period the membership will revert to Associate membership.
      2. Retired Members (55 years and over) who retire from remunerative employment shall remain active members of the club at a reduced fee.
      3. Associate Member shall be one who is not engaged in remunerative occupation in business, professions or industry at the time of acceptance to membership in this category. An Associate Member shall be reclassified as an Active Member upon becoming engaged in remunerative occupation in business, the professions or industry.
      4. Honorary Member is a person of special merit who is voted for Honorary membership by the Club.
      5. Student Members are members who are engaged in full time post secondary education. They are active members of the club and must be actively involved on a committee.
      6. Life Time Member is deemed to be a paid member of the club.
    3. At all times, at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the total membership of the Club shall be actively engaged in remunerative occupation.
    4. Only Active Members (not retired members) shall hold the executive office of President, Vice-President or Treasurer.  The President, Vice-President(s) shall preferably be delegates, and or, other board members, and or elected member(s) from a higher BPW level or an active member can also be delegates, alternates or proxies at Conventions or Conferences.
    5. Delegates to Conferences and Conventions shall preferably be the President, Vice-President(s), and or, other board members, and/or elected member(s) from higher BPW level (District Director).  Active members can also be delegates, alternates or proxies at Conventions or Conferences.
    6. Associate and Honorary Members shall not hold elected office as President, Vice- President or Treasurer, but may serve in other capacities.
    7. Every application for membership shall be in writing and shall give the full name, address and occupation of the applicant, shall be signed by the applicant and be accompanied by the membership fee.
    8. Guests and/or prospective members may attend no more than two general meetings in one business year prior to applying for membership.
    9. To ensure adequate and sustained financial resources to BPW Sudbury, the annual amount of the Club membership* dues shall be determined by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting.
    10. As per the Constitution and By-laws of BPW Sudbury Section: Fees 7.1, the membership year on a fiscal basis will be May 1st to April 30th.
    11. Fees shall be due and payable on May 1st and by the May monthly membership meeting. For consistency, a regular meeting will be referred to as monthly membership meeting and the April annual meeting will be referred to as the Annual General Meeting or the AGM.
    12. Current members who have not paid their membership dues by June 1st shall be deemed non-members and be subjected to new member registration fees. The number of delegates and alternates sent to conferences and conventions, is determined by the number of paid up members . We send one for each 20 paid members or fraction thereof, based on paid up membership, to be received by BPW Ontario Treasurer by December 31st (See ARTICLE XIII Section 4 (a) and (b)).
    13. New members, not applicable to current or previous member,  admitted from May 1st – December 31st, shall pay the full fee.
    14. New member, not applicable to current or previous member, admitted from January 1st – April 30th, shall pay the full fee reduced by one half.
    15. The fee for retired members will be a reduced fee, but all mandatory fees and taxes to the Provincial Association, National and International Federations must be covered. The retired member like the associate cannot hold executive office but has all other member privileges including the right to vote.
    16. The fee for student member will be 50% of the full fee. The mandatory fees and taxes to the Provincial Association, National and International Federations must be covered.
  6. Suspension of Membership
    1. In the event that an act of, or the general conduct of a member may be detrimental to, or generally contrary to the interest and welfare of the Club, her membership shall be terminated by the Executive Committee in the following matter: after the committee has made due investigation of the matter and has afforded the member an opportunity to be heard, after the approval of the membership, the Secretary shall notify the member by registered mail of the Executive Committee’s decision.
    2. Should the member wish to appeal the termination of her membership, she shall so notify the Secretary in writing not more than fourteen days after the date of the said registered notice, and if no such notice of appeal is received within the said fourteen days, the membership shall terminate, with no right to refund of all or part of any fee paid.
    3. If such notice of appeal is received within the said fourteen days, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Special Committee of five members, one of who shall be a Past President and none of who shall be a member of the Executive Committee, to deal with the appeal.  The member shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard before the said committee and may present the evidence or witnesses.
    4. The decision of the Special Committee shall be final.
  7. Fees
    1. The annual amount of the club fee shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting and become effective on May 1 of that fiscal year.
    2. Fees shall be due on May 1 and payable by the monthly membership
      meeting.  New members admitted from May 1 to December 31 shall pay the full fee. The fee for new members admitted from January 1 to April 30 shall be reduced by one-half.  This is not applicable to current or previous members.
    3. The fee for retired members will be reduced to 75% of the local portion that remains at BPW Greater Sudbury. However, the mandatory fees and taxes to the Provincial Association, National, and International Federations are not subject to this reduction.
    4. The fee for student members will be 50% of the full fee but must still cover all mandatory fees and taxes to the Provincial Association, National and International Federations.
    5. Membership fees will be invoiced to current members and mailed following the March Executive meeting. Letters inviting past members from last 2 years to renew their memberships will be sent out at the same time.
    6. An initiation fee is payable by all new members joining the club after May 1st, 1993.  The initiation fee must cover the entire cost of the membership certificate, name tag, club handbook, pin, Club By–Laws, and mailing list.
  8. Finances & Budget
    1. Sub-Committee Approval of Funds : The Vice-President of each Sub-Committee, Executive Committee and Treasurer will be responsible as outlined in Section 13 – Duties of Officers.  This policy will be given to each new Executive Committee Member and Sub-Committee Chair on an annual basis.
    2. Streamline and be clear and concise in the accountability of funds spent by sub-committees.
    3. Once approval is received each sub-committee must remain within the boundaries established in the approved budgets at the AGM.
    4. A monthly financial reconciliation must be submitted by each sub-committee to their respective Vice-President and presented at the monthly Executive Committee Meetings.
    5. Any additional expenses that have not been approved within their allocated budget must be presented to the Executive Committee via their Vice-President before expenditures are carried out.
    6. The Executive Committee may give authorization for expenditures over the approved budget in the amount of up to $500.00. Anything more than this will be presented to the membership for ratification. Ratification must be received before expenditures are carried out.
    7. At the end of each function a completed financial reconciliation must be completed and submitted by the Vice- President to the Executive Committee.
    8. The Treasurer shall keep these records on file and these shall then become part of her report to the Membership to be archived.
    9. All funds of the club shall be deposited to the credit of the BPW Sudbury in a banking institution to be named by the Executive Committee and shall be withdrawn only by a cheque signed in every case by two authorized persons.
    10. The persons authorized to sign such cheques for the clubs are: the President, the Treasurer and the First Vice-President. In the absence of the First Vice-President, the Finance Chair may be authorized to sign cheques.
    11. The fiscal year shall be from May 1st to April 30th.
    12. One month prior to the Annual General Meeting two members of the Club shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to act as Internal Reviewers.
    13. The Internal Reviewers shall review the accounts of the Treasurer and certify the financial report for the third monthly membership meeting in September of the new executive (as per April 21, 1987).
      1. The budget and finance committee will include the Treasurer. The committee will be responsible for the preparation of the proposed budget in discussion with the President and First Vice-President.
      2. The budget will be reflective of prior operational costs and recommendations made by the board members in various areas, including costs associated with upcoming conferences and conventions, as well as projects or initiatives identified in the strategic plan.
      3. The budget for the fiscal year ending and the proposed budget for the new fiscal year will be sent to the membership 10 days prior to the AGM in April.  At the AGM, the members will discuss the budget and vote on its acceptance with amendments, if any, following the election and induction of the new board and its directors.
  9. Meetings
    1. Monthly membership meetings shall be held at least once per quarter (every 2 months) from September to June inclusive.
    2. The President or any five members may call special meetings providing the entire membership has been notified of the date and place of such a meeting. The notice for a special meeting must state the business to be transacted and no business shall be transacted except that stated in the notice of meeting.
    3. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club shall be in April each year.
    4. The President shall call meetings of the Executive Committee before each regular meeting.  Any three members of the Executive Committee may call a special Executive Committee meeting.
    5. The Chairperson of each Standing Committee shall call at least one meeting of her committee members during the year.
    6. One-third of the total paid members of the Club shall constitute a quorum at any regular meeting.  One-half of the total paid members  shall constitute a quorum at any special meeting.  Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum of that body. Explanation: Quorum   Regular Meeting – 1/3 of 66 paid members = 22. Quorum   Special Meeting –  1/2 of 66 paid members = 33
    7. As per Article 3 – Amendments, By-laws may be made, amended or repealed at the Annual Meeting or any regular or special meeting of members by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the paid-up members present  provided that Notice of Motion has been sent to all members no less than seven working days before the meeting.
    8. All motions that change or amend our by-laws and resolutions that have been approved by our membership shall immediately be added to our by-laws and resolutions constitution and submitted to BPW to be approved.
  10. Nominations and Elections
    1. At the February meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominations Committee of three members, not more than one of whom shall be a member of the Executive Committee. The Nominations Committee shall choose its own chairperson. Its duty is to actively solicit and receive nominations for the elected positions.
    2. The Nominations Committee shall notify all club members in writing of officers and committee chairpersons who are not eligible for re-election, and ask for nominees.
    3. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the April Annual General Meeting.  Nominees must be present and accept or have provided acceptance in writing to the Nominations Committee.
    4. Offices and Standing Committee Chairpersons shall be elected by ballot  and/or a show of hands at the April Annual General Meeting and shall continue in office for one year commencing May 1 of that fiscal year.
    5. No member shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms. Twelve months shall be considered a term.
    6. Vacancies in office may be filled for the expired term by appointment of the Executive Committee.
    7. The candidate receiving the majority of votes cast shall be declared elected.
    8. Proxy voting will be allowed.
    9. On occasion voting electronically and by fax would be permitted except for the election of board members.
    10. For elections, secret ballot via Canada post would be permitted.
    11. The election of the Executive Positions will proceed from the post of President in descending order of First Vice-President, Vice-Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer (refer to 12.1). This will be followed by the election of Standing Committee Chairpersons.
    12. Installation of officers is to happen as soon as possible after the elections have taken place, preferably in May.
    13. Annual reports: Each member of the Executive and the Board chairs will prepare in writing an annual report for distribution to the membership 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Any amendments, inclusions or information not available at time of writing can be verbally stated at the AGM in April.  All members need to ensure that the reports are inclusive of recommendations where appropriate.
  11. Voting Body
    1. Only Active, Associate, Student and Life members in good standing shall vote.
  12. Executive Committee
    1. The Executive Committee will consist of the Immediate Past President, President, first Vice-President, Vice-President External Affairs, Vice-President Internal Affairs, Vice-President Fundraising and Professional Development, Vice-President Communications, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.
    2. Resignations from office shall be in writing to the Recording Secretary.
  13. Duties of Officers
    1. The duties of officers shall be such as are implied by their respective titles and such as are specified by these By-laws.  Each officer   shall keep a permanent record of her work and within one month of relinquishing office, unless otherwise stated in these By-laws, shall turn it over to her successor. All files are to be archived.
    2. The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee, unless she chooses to appoint a Vice-President to do so.  She shall be ex-officio member of all committees.  She shall sign all orders upon the Treasurer, as directed by the Executive Committee and the general membership. The president is the official spokesperson for BPW Greater Sudbury at the local level unless she authorizes otherwise.  Term is for 2 years.
    3. The FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT shall automatically succeed to the Presidency. She shall be responsible for assisting the President, on strategic long term planning, By-laws and Resolutions, and Current   Affairs Committees.
    4. The VICE-PRESIDENT EXERNAL AFFAIRS shall be responsible for the International Committee and all awards committees including  Bernardine Yackman, Women of Distinction the day / Week, the BPW Outstanding Woman of the Year and Women Entrepreneur Awards.
    5. The VICE-PRESIDENT INTERNAL AFFAIRS shall be responsible for program, member services and volunteer coordination and all committees relating to these areas.
    6. The VICE-PRESIDENT FUNDRAISING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT shall be responsible for fundraising, special events and all seminars and workshops pertaining to professional development.
    7. The VICE-PRESIDENT COMMUNICATIONS shall be responsible for the newsletter, media relations, advertising for special events and promotion of the Club.
    8. The RECORDING SECRETARY shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee.  She shall send all notices to members and conduct the correspondence of the club, as instructed by its members. ** She will keep an updated motions book referencing as required **to motions requiring actions, follow-up and/or by-law amendments.
    9. The CORRESPONDING SECRETARY shall be responsible for all the social correspondence. She shall forward minutes of the general and executive meetings to the National and Provincial organizations, District Director, and the other clubs in District Six. Immediately following the AGM, she shall forward to Head Office in Ottawa and to the Provincial Organization the names and addresses of the new executive committee.  She shall forward to the National Organization a copy of the general membership list with names and addresses, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses by September 1.
    10. The TREASURER shall receive and deposit all monies on behalf of The Club.  She shall collect fees and remit to Head Office and the Provincial treasurer the Club Membership Report (Form 100).  She shall pay all bills upon authorization of the Executive Committee and keep an itemized record in a permanent file of all receipts and expenditures and give a report of the same at each business  meeting. She shall prepare with the budget and finance committee a proposed budget for the following year based on prior years, operational needs and by discussing upcoming events with the President and first Vice President regarding upcoming activities such as conferences and conventions and other projects in the strategic planning process.  The proposed budget is to be sent to the members 10 days prior to the annual General meeting held in April at which time it will be discussed and voted after the election and induction of the board. She shall turn over to her successor within ten days of vacating office, all books, records and papers.
    11. The Committee Chairs shall be elected by the membership at the AGM, but each committee shall be encouraged to nominate a candidate from within their committee.
  14. Standing Committees
    1. There shall be the following standing committees, each consisting of at least three members:
      • Current Affairs
      • By-laws and Resolutions
      • Budget and Finance
      • Public Relations
      • Awards
      • Women Entrepreneurs
      • International
      • Membership
      • Program
      • Ways and Means
      • Professional Development
    2.  The duties of the Current Affairs Chair
      1. The duties of the Current Affairs Chair is to keep the Club informed of local, provincial and national issues concerning and or affecting employed women; to initiate Club studies and projects as desired/required by the membership and to suggest relevant by-law amendments and resolutions which the Club may submit to higher BPW levels for approval at Provincial Conferences or National Conventions, following discussion and approval of club members. Resolutions, international in nature, are submitted to BPW National and if approved submitted to International Congress.
      2. BPW Greater Sudbury has a long history of submitting briefs and position papers to local organizations and government as well as to government panels studying issues at all levels.  For example, we have reviewed ward boundaries, daycare, elder care, name change from alderman to counselor, and listing all board and committee vacancies in the local media to ensure that women have the opportunity to apply for civic volunteer positions to gain experience.
    3. The duties of the By-laws and Resolutions Chair are to review, accept and prepare amendments to Club By-laws with a view to suggesting amendments if desired; to become involved with the Club upon receipt of the ‘Call to Resolutions’; to bring to the Club resolutions received for debate and discussion so that BPW Greater Sudbury delegates bring our local position to provincial conference or national convention.
    4. The duties of the Budget and Finance Committee are to:
      • Collect all monies for the Club on a timely basis and provide regular reports to the Club Treasurer.
      • Work with the membership committee with membership renewals and new membership applications on a regular basis
      • Provide representation at all monthly membership meetings for registration fees and meals and any other financial transactions
      • Assist in the preparation of financial statements to the Club Treasurer for submission to the Executive prior to the end of the fiscal year
      • Consider any financial matters as referred to by the Executive or Club members during monthly membership meetings.
    5.  The Budget and Finance Committee
      1. The Budget and Finance Committee along with the Treasurer will prepare a proposed budget for the following year based on the prior years’ operational needs and by discussing upcoming events with the President and First Vice-President regarding upcoming activities such as conferences, conventions, and other projects in the strategic planning process.
      2. The proposed budget will be sent to the members 10 days prior to the AGM held in April at which time it will be discussed and voted on after the election and induction of the board.
    6. The duties of the Public Relations Committee are to extend public knowledge of activities, aims and objectives along with projects and programs the Club offers through various information channels; to make contact and establish friendly relations with local newspapers, radio and TV media; to consult with the Club President and Program Committee Chair regarding future Club programs, meetings and arrange for advance publicity which may include pictures and photos and to consult with the President regarding use of news releases.  The president is the official spokesperson for BPW at the local level unless she authorizes otherwise.
    7. The duties of the Woman Entrepreneur and Awards Committees are to seek nominations of women both in BPW Greater Sudbury and the City of Greater Sudbury involved with entrepreneurship activities through a recognition event held, to date, bi-annually by BPW Greater Sudbury. The committees are to be proactive throughout the year in recognizing potential candidates for various entrepreneur categories. The committees provide nomination forms for the Club and throughout the community. They collect these forms for interviews and  the final judging. This committee is responsible for organizing the ‘gala’ event held, to date in June. (Note:  The Outstanding Woman of the Year is a BPW only distinction).
    8. The duties of the Membership Committee are to retain and seek out new members while continuing to build a strong Club through ongoing and new membership interested in supporting the aims and objectives, projects and programs of the Club; to maintain a current database of members for internal Club reference and use only; to prepare and maintain membership application forms and present at each monthly membership meeting; additional projects: Club Directory, New BPW Greater Sudbury Pamphlets, etc.
    9. The duties of the Program Committee are to arrange programs for Club meetings by working with other Club committees regularly; to arrange for the hotel location for these monthly meetings (ie: preparation of tender in early June to hotels, if applicable); to notify all Club members monthly (phone, fax or e-mail) of meeting date, location, times and theme via RSVP format; to maintain balance between business and sociability; to bring variety to Club meetings through workshops, panel discussions, entertainment, etc ; and to confer with the President regularly on meeting format, agenda, etc.
    10. The duties of the Ways and Means Committee are to organize and promote the BPW Greater Sudbury Club in an annual fundraising event to supplement membership revenues in keeping annual fees down, assist with general operating costs and financially support Sudbury delegates attending, annual Northern Ontario District day, annual provincial conference and the national biennial convention.
    11. The duties of the Professional Development Committee are to advise Club members of initiatives pertaining to the education of women, especially in the area of personal and professional development;  to encourage self-development and leadership training among members; to interest the Club in participating in projects and studies; to organize and conduct workshops for Club meetings at General Meetings or outside of these meetings using the personal development self-directed training modules from the national project which was developed specifically for the use of clubs across the country.
  15. Awards
    1. The Grace Hartman-Grout Award. This fund is to support first time female candidates in municipal politics.
    2. The Bernardine Yackman Award. Honours a woman who makes a significant contribution to the community in elected office, volunteer service or a religious organization; or by acting as a role model in her place of employment. She will receive a certificate and a donation of $100 will be made to the charity of her choice.
    3. Lifetime Membership
      1. Lifetime Membership is not an award.  The Business & Professional Women Greater Sudbury’s Club shall confer a Life Membership on a Club Member in recognition of outstanding BPW service at the request of the Club and on payment by the Club of a fee of $350.00. (BPW Canada  By-Law 9, Section 1A)
      2. Additional yearly cost involved in addition to the initial $350 for each
      3. Life membership includes : International fee approx. $12 and increasing, Provincial fee approx. $20 plus a $4 travel pool fee, District fee approx. $2 times the number of life members you may potentially have in ten years.
      4. The following criteria requires more research and should provide information to the members. Past history has shown that the Sudbury Club has been very cautious in identifying life members. It is very possible that few members would qualify. Please exercise caution so that life recognition does not turn into a contest since it may be in poor taste. A life pin should also be given at an extra cost of $65.00.
      5. Club Members are encouraged to submit nominations for Life Memberships for any Club Member who has provided outstanding service to the Club.
        •      The nomination together with a biography and a covering letter outlining why this person deserves a Life Membership must be submitted to the Executive Committee for review.
        •      The Executive Committee will present all Life Membership nominees to the General Membership on an Annual basis at the April Meeting.
        •      A list of nominations received and a summary of each nominees achievements will be featured in the March Newsletter.
        •      A secret ballot vote will be carried out at the April General Membership Meeting.
        •      While the request of a Life Membership shall come from the Member’s own Club, we as a Club may if we so desire permit other Clubs to assist in raising the $350.00. (Regulation 9, section 1A of BPW Canada).
        •      A winner will be determined by a 50 plus 1 person majority of those in attendance at the April Meeting.
        •      Subsequently a $350.00 one-time fee will be submitted to BPW Canada (By-Law  IX, Section 1-a).
  16. Funds
    1. Grace Hartman-Grout Fund. This fund is not to drop below $2000, interest is to be used as specified in 15.1 above.
    2. The Bernardine Yackman Award Fund. This fund is not to drop below $1000, interest is to be used as specified in 15.3 above.
    3. Women’s Development Fund.
      1. The name of the fund is to be “Women’s Development Fund” to reflect it’s intent and purpose for the benefit of all club members.
      2. This fund is to be maintained at the $10,000 level.
      3. The executive may authorize money, with a 2/3 majority vote, to be borrowed from this fund for seed money when a project for “personal and/or professional development” for women is undertaken.  The seed money is to be paid back in order to maintain the $10,000 level.
      4. Interest earned from this account is to be applied to the general operation of the club.
  17. Bursary Funds Allocation
    1. In Accordance with our Mission Statement “to provide support of and recognition of the achievements of women” Business & Professional Women Greater Sudbury’s Club, on an annual basis will provide bursary funds allocated to deserving young women in our community.
    2. The Bursary Allocation Fund
      1. The Bursary Allocation Fund is predetermined on an annual basis in the BPW Greater Sudbury Club fiscal budget.
      2. The Bursary Allocation Funds are the net proceeds from our yearly Fundraising Gala Event.
      3. The Bursary Allocation Funds will be determined by the Executive Committee following the final financial reconciliation report from the Ways & Means Committee followed with the approval by the General membership.
      4. Bursary Allocation Fund requests will be reviewed by the Executive Committee keeping in mind our Mission Statement and the following criteria:
        • Female student in good standing
        • Student must be pursuing a post secondary program and be enrolled in the upcoming academic year
        • *Student enrolled in a post secondary institute in the City of Greater Sudbury*
      5. A report will be given to the General Membership Meeting to reveal the recipients and then they will be invited to attend one of the monthly meetings.
  18. Request Special Projects Funding
    1. Extraordinary projects that coincide with the aims and objectives of BPW Greater Sudbury will receive due consideration for funding.
    2. Request for funding for extraordinary projects may be submitted by a Club Member or received from the general public.
    3. The Executive Committee in reviewing these requests will use the mission, aims and objectives of the Club as it’s guiding criteria.
    4. All requests will be presented to the Club Membership at the next monthly membership meeting for approval as budgeted.
  19. Convention Delegates
    1. The Club shall send a delegate or delegates to all Business and Professional Women’s Club Conferences and Conventions and related events. The President is the official spokesperson for BPW Greater Sudbury at the local level unless she authorizes otherwise at non-BPW conferences.  The President shall be one of the delegates.  In her absence, the Executive Committee shall choose an alternate.
    2. Financial assistance for travel, registration and accommodation for the delegate(s) shall be determined by the Executive Committee and budgeted and approved by the members on an annual basis. The travel pool at both the provincial and national levels is for each voting delegate that attends conference or convention; therefore, BPW Greater Sudbury is reimbursed a good portion of the travel costs.