2019 Business Awards Gala Nominations

About the BPW Greater Sudbury Business Awards Gala


BPW Greater Sudbury develops the professional and leadership potential of women through education, awareness, advocacy and mentoring within a supportive network.

Our vision is to achieve a just and equal status of women in all levels and areas of society where decisions are taken in true partnership, based on mutual respect for a more balanced and peaceful world.

Our goal is the improvement of economic, political, social, and employment conditions for women in Canada. Bottom line, we work to educate and empower women.

One of BPW’s important roles in the community is recognizing and celebrating the success of women in business and in the community. We accomplish this by hosting the Annual Business Awards Gala.

Our 2019 Business Awards Gala will be held on June 11, 2019 at the Hellenic Center, 486 Ester Road in Sudbury, ON.



  • Nominees must demonstrate meaningful contributions within the City of Greater Sudbury. The individual must be an active owner-operator involved in the business for at least 3 years (with the exception of the Young Entrepreneur Award (two years) and the Intrapreneur Award).
  • Nominees must consent to their nomination.
  • Nominees may be nominated for more than one award category. The judges may consider nominees in categories other than the one(s) they have been nominated for. Their decision is final and not subject to review.
  • Self nominations are permitted and encouraged.
  • BPW members are eligible to be nominated for an award.
  • Nominees, nominators and award winners do not need to be BPW members.
  • Past winners may be nominated in a different category provided that a five year period has passed since they received a BPW award. This 5 year restriction does not pertain to Lifetime Achievement – a winner may only qualify for this award once the twenty-year criteria has been met.
  • All applications must be received by FEBRUARY 22nd, 2019. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Nominees will be required to provide two references who can validate their abilities and speak to their success.
  • Winners will be required to provide a head shot and professional biography (to a maximum of 350 words) for promotional purposes. If the winner does not have a professional biography, BPW Greater Sudbury can provide a bio-writer for a set fee.
  • Nomination forms that contain false or inaccurate information may be disqualified.

Nomination Process:

  • All nomination packages must be submitted by January 1st, 2019
  • Nominations will be reviewed by the BPW Sudbury Awards Committee
  • No supporting documentation will be considered at the time of application submissions, however additional and supporting documentation may be required once applications have been reviewed.
  • Financial information is an important qualifying indicator of success, but will only be confirmed should the nominee be selected as the winner in a category. No financial statements or details are required in the submission of application, only confirmation of the overall current financial health of the business, and only the financial judge (a professional accountant) will evaluate this information if it is required. By way of a confidential conversation with the potential winner’s accountant, the financial judge will report to the other judges as to whether or not the financial information supports the nomination for that individual in this year. All judges sign a pledge of confidentiality.



This award is designed to honour the businesswoman who has accepted the challenge of developing and expanding a successful business. She has shown her ability to develop her business plan and marketing strategy and apply it to customer service and job creation. This award is for women who have been in business at least five years.


Many businesses thrive, but only a few are truly innovative. The recipient’s company has a unique product, service or business management strategy that gives her company a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supported by a talented management team and adequate financing, this company is positioned for growth.


The recipient has owned her business for 20 years or more, and is still actively involved in the operation of her business. Her personal success has been a catalyst and inspiration for both her contemporaries and younger women. This award is also a salute to entrepreneurial women pioneers who have demonstrated an ability to develop and maintain excellence in every aspect of their offering to customers, employees and the community.


The recipient has been in business for at least three years (three 12-month periods) to a maximum of five years. Her venture provides a product, service or marketing strategy that is innovative and supported by a solid plan for growth.


The recipient is 40 years of age or younger, is in business or is operating a business. The business may have provided revenue to assist with expenses related to her studies. Her business provides a product or service. She must have been in business at least two years.


The recipient of this award goes to a woman intrapreneur (one who acts like an entrepreneur but does not own control of the business/company where she works) who focuses on or influences innovation, creativity, or transforming an idea into a profitable venture while working within a large company or organization. She is a decision-maker who contributes to achieving the goals of the organization, including impacting the bottom line through her unique contributions. Her dynamic nature adds to the success and growth of an organization.



Business & Professional Women Greater Sudbury established the Bernardine Yackman Award in 1985. The award, which is bestowed annually, honours a woman in the City of Greater Sudbury who has made a significant contribution to the community in one or more of the following areas –

  • in elected or appointed office,
  • in a religious or political organization,
  • in a volunteer service, and/or
  • by acting as a role model in her place of employment.

This award is named after the late Bernardine Yackman, a woman who set an example of commitment and service in her community. She was a longstanding member of BPW, and served as Club President in the mid-70’s. She also served a term on the BPW Ontario provincial board as District 6 Director, with responsibility for Northeastern Ontario.

Bernardine Yackman was the first female elected as a school board trustee and was both respected and admired for her dedication to community work. She chaired the Sudbury Board of Education and worked as a volunteer with the Sudbury and District Red Cross, TV Ontario and her church, Christ the King. She was also involved in municipal politics.

A separate panel of judges selects the award recipient from all of the nominations submitted. The recipient of the Bernardine Yackman Award is presented with a certificate of recognition during the Awards Gala. A $200 donation is also made in the winner’s name to the charity of her choice.


This prestigious award was created by BPW to recognize an individual/individuals (male or female) who through their actions demonstrate a commitment to support and nurture opportunities for women in all facets of life, economically, educationally, professionally, socially or politically.

This award is bestowed upon an individual whose actions, deeds or contributions have met any or all of the following criteria:

  1. Elevating and supporting Empowerment for women
  2. Raising the standards of women in their community; nationally or internationally
  3. Advocating for change in the status of women
  4. Educating the public on the status of women
  5. Contributing to or facilitating changes to legislation that affects women

A selection group for this award will include the President, Awards Chair/s and two members of BPW Greater Sudbury Club.