BPW Greater Sudbury Recognizes Angela Corsi-Raso As Our Woman Of The Month For Her Continued Support And Volunteerism In Our Community.

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Woman of the Month - Angela Corsi-Raso - March 2017

Media Release – March 23, 2017

BPW Greater Sudbury Recognizes Angela Corsi-Raso As Our Woman Of The Month For Her Continued Support And Volunteerism In Our Community.

After losing her husband to cancer just over three years ago, Angela Corsi-Raso and her children wanted to honour his memory and established the Stomach Cancer fund to raise awareness about this rare and serious illness. Angela’s volunteerism did not just stop there. When Angela had to painstakingly visit the Maison McCullogh Hospice where her husband resided for 2 weeks, as she stayed by her husband’s side she remembered when her husband was involved in the building of the hospice as a masonry contractor. During his participation in the building of the hospice, she never thought she would be there one day by her husband’s side and because of her fond memories of the staff and volunteers at the hospice, she embarked on a journey to raise monies that would go towards the building of a masonry barbecue for the staff and residents. The venture cost approximately $60,000 and Angela is committed to ensuring that the project is completed by this coming summer. Her goal is to create a space where all those who find themselves at the hospice can find some joy and comfort in coming together and simply being together. Having a beautiful barbecue in memory of her husband will help to create a space where this can happen.

Angela has also taken on the task of becoming the Volunteer Advisor at the Northeast Cancer Centre. “I have the most amazing job – I get to work with selfless individuals who give their time daily”, Angela spoke of the people who volunteer their time to help those dealing with cancer. Angela was also a past executive member of the Angels in Pink for 3 years. Along with her former teammates, she has helped to raise over half a million dollars for breast cancer equipment for the Northeast Cancer Center.

“Women like Angela remind of us of the importance in volunteering and serving others in our community, and while this is not an easy feat for Angela, she is inspiring so many people to give back to the community even after the loss of a loved one. Her actions are honourable and inspiring to many”, Carol Stahl BPW Greater Sudbury President compassionately stated.

BPW awards monthly recognition to women within the community who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and are committed to supporting our community. If you are interested in nominating an outstanding woman for our BPW Greater Sudbury Business Awards Gala, please visit www.bpwgreatersudbury.com for more info. Nominations are being accepted until  March 31, 2017.

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Miranda Rocca-Circelli, VP Communications BPW Greater Sudbury


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